12 February 2008

Francis Britnell's Will and the Dossett Children

In 1718, Francis Brudnell (Britnell), christened 11 Aug. 1631 at Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England, wrote a Will naming his living children and grandchildren. He named them as follows:
Francis, his son, and grandchildren:
Francis, and Francis’ daughter Mary

Thomas, his son, and grandchildren:

William, his son, who was deceased, and grandchild:

His grandchildren, no parent named:
Richard Dossett
Mary Dossett
James Dossett

Although he named his son, William who was deceased, he failed to give us the name of the parent of the Dossett children.

Elizabeth, christened 16 Dec. 1656 at Chinnor, is the only identified daughter of Francis and his wife, Susannah. We assume that she is the parent of the Dossett children listed in the Will. However, no marriage is found in Chinnor or nearby Radnage, Buckingham. The Britnell families lived at Spriggs Alley on the south end of Chinnor Parish. Radnage is the nearest parish to Spriggs Alley (also known in earlier records as Alliver or Ollivers Alley).

An IGI search located marriages for two Elizabeths who married Dossetts in the surrounding area. John Dossett married Eliz. Cossendon, 27 Dec 1679 at Princes Risborough, Buckingham. The second couple was Thomas Dossett who married Eliz. at Bledlow, Buckingham.

Thomas and Elizabeth, maiden name unknown, were the parents of Elizabeth, c. 1694; Ann, c. 1695; Robert, c. 1700; John, c. 1704; Ralph, c. 1707; and Martin, c. 1709. All were christened at Bledlow.

An IGI search of children born to John and Elizabeth Dossett in Oxfordshire or Buckingham located seven potential candidates christened in Radnage. They are: Elizabeth [listed as Dorsett], c. 1662; Edward, c. 1664; Susanna, c. 1684; Francis, c. 1685; Richard, c. 1687; Susannah, c. 1689; Mary, c. 1692; James, c. 1694.

The first couple, Thomas and Elizabeth, can be eliminated. The names of the children do not match those given in the Will. Also, Elizabeth Britnell was born in 1657—making her a little old to be the mother of these children.

The second couple, John and Eliz. Cossendon, are obviously not the right couple, but are they the parents of the children christened in Radnage? The first two children christened in Radnage were born too early to be the children of Elizabeth Britnell or Eliz. Cossendon, but the other six children could be Elizabeth Britnell’s or the John and Eliz. Cossendon Dossett’s who married in Princes Risborough.

The names of three of the children match those found in the Will and Francis and Susannah are the names of Elizabeth Britnell’s parents.

So, was Elizabeth Britnell married to a John Dossett? Are the children christened at Radnage her children? Further research is needed to locate a marriage record if it exists. What do you know about this family?

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